Thalis delivers products at various levels of integration such as loose parts, kits, or complete assemblies. We also offer stock handling facilities and distribution of spare parts.



Product buying pattern

Business Advisory   99% of Thalis activity is export oriented. Freight cost optimization and consolidation of goods are essential. Whether low volume high mix, or high volume low mix, we recommend that purchase orders batches are significant enough to maintain a realistic business pattern.


Product life cycle


Thalis provide sourcing solutions at any stage of the product life cycle: first article, prototype, serial production, spare parts. We provide goods and services related to one-off projects, turnkey projects, as well as recurring and serial production programs...




Product families


We aim to provide one stop facilities to our customers and cover the full range of their needs in term of products characteristics. This include (but is not limited to) Mechanical parts made from Drawings (machining, sheet metalwork, fabricated parts, piping), machinery elements and standard components being part of kits or assemblies (transmission, seals, fasteners, electrical and controls, pneumatic items, filters.. etc..), consumables (lubricants, packing...)




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