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Business Advisory

Business Advisory   Thalis can advise companies on strategy and can undertake specific assignments that are required by companies willing to establish their industrial presence in Thailand. We have been in the country for ten years, and we know the applicable business laws & regulations, the available incentives and industrial promotion programs, the cost of doing business, the local business practices, and the do’s and don’t in Thailand...


Sourcing & Supplier Relationship


With a portfolio of more than 100 suppliers in Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore, our team can find the right suppliers to manufacture your products and meet your requirements. We have a sound understanding of western company’s level of requirement and extensive knowledge of the local industrial capabilities.




Business Advisory   Thalis handle purchase orders within the local supplier’s network, and apply a strict follow up to ensure timely deliveries. We also process importation of products needed in the composition of kits or assemblies when they cannot be procured locally at competitive conditions. Thalis benefits from Customs duties exemptions under special privileges of the Thailand Board of Investment.



Technical Support


Our engineering team provides technical support to our local manufacturers as needed: translation, conversion of western specifications into local standards, advices on the manufacturing process, shop drawings or drawings modification...




Quality control


Conformance of products is a key point, and we enforce quality control at source by the suppliers, while performing additional inspection in our own quality control room, prior to goods dispatch. We also implement specific quality action plans when needed, and record quality control reports of all products delivered.







To ensure the deliveries of products in good conditions, we handle packing of goods at our facilities, and arrange freight forwarding operations. We have regular activities with half a dozen of major freight forwarders, but we can work with our customer’s preferred forwarders if required.



Our services

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